Triple X takes exclusivity & safety to the next level

HOW ABOUT A PRIVATE TRIPLE X LOUNGE AT THE AIRPORT, in the restaurant, and an exclusive Triple X reception at the hotel? These are just some of the measures we have taken in our quest to ensure the exclusivity and safety of your trip this year, to safeguard our local community and our team. 

We are aware of our responsibilities during times like these. Therefore, we have taken extensive steps to adapt all our programs, equipment, and procedures to comply with all governmental recommendations and restrictions. We have even gone further…

We have rented a Triple X lounge at the airport, an exclusive Triple X reception at the hotel, and a Triple X lounge in the restaurant. One of our team members is a IHK certified hygiene expert from Germany, we have private VIP shuttles for all our guests, and we provide personal masks and hand sanitizer for all our guests throughout the stay. Furthermore, we have ordered 400 pairs of new snowmobile gloves (and balaclavas) that our guests can keep after their adventures with us. Just to mention a few of our actions taken this year… 

Curious to know more? We would be more than happy to share our extensive hygiene concept with you. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Because we do not just want to be your premium travel partner, but also your responsible travel partner. 

Besides, we are convinced that all our actions taken to ensure yours and others’ safety only will add exclusivity and quality of your experience.