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Your path to EXCEPTINONAL event management.

We are your partner for outstanding event management and project planning. As a subsidiary of Triple X Adventure, we are your point of contact in the German-speaking region for unique and emotional events.

It is not just our comprehensive expertise that sets up apart, but also our ability to offer all services in-house. Our expertise extends across the areas of project planning, implementation, and event management, through which we create unforgettable experiences in Swedish Lapland and the rest of the world.

Ready to take your event to the next level? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will create an unforgettable event experience!


Motivate and reward your employees with an adventure in Swedish Lapland. We assist you in designing and executing corporate events that combine adventure, teamwork, and inspiration in an unforgettable way.


Through our close collaboration in the tourism, event, and automotive industry, we offer access to an international network of partners and contacts. Regardless of your industry, you will benefit from our expertise and experience.


Our experienced team supports you in the planning and execution of events of all kinds. From conception to implementation, we are by your side.
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Let's create EMOTIONS together!

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