Northern Lights

8 fun facts you may not know
about the Northern Lights

1) The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis as it is also known as, is a beautiful
and breath-taking display taking place when charged particles from the sun and
space collide with the Earth’s magnetic field.

2) The colour of the Northern Lights depend on which molecules (oxygen or nitrogen)
are colliding with the charged particles. Oxygen typically stirs up a green-yellow or red-ish light, whereas nitrogen offers a blue-ish display… When both are being hit, there can be a combination of purple, pink and white.  

3) Did you know that Auroras occur during both summer and winter, day and night? However, our eyes can only detect it when it is dark outside.

4) Your biggest chances to view the Northern Lights are on clear, dark winter nights in
high northern latitudes.

5) A good tip to increase your chances when you are out looking for the Northern Lights. Look toward the nearest pole.

6) You may not only see the Northern Lights, you may also be able to HEAR them. The sound of Northern Lights is still a topic being debated within science, however many people report hearing crackling and whooshing noises moving across the sky when Aurora is on display.

7) Aurora is not harmful to humans watching it from the ground but the electronic storms
could potentially have negative effects on infrastructure and technology.  

8) Did you know that like a weather forecast, there are Aurora Borealis forecasts?