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The most important thing in snow and ice is the right clothing. In addition to our special equipment, which will be provided for your entire stay on site, we also recommend (extra ski clothing is not necessary!):
-Warm and comfortable cloths and breathable ski underwear
-Headgear, scarf, gloves
-Warm and sporty footwear
-Spare glasses for spectacle and contact lens wearers
-Important medication (please indicate possible allergies etc.)
-Lip care, fatty creams (as little water as possible, if the weather is very cold, we recommend you to not use any lotions or moisturisers on your face)

The national currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). It is not necessary to change money, as the drinks at the bar in the evening can also be comfortably paid by EC card and/or credit card.

For possible sauna and pool usage, please also bring swim wear and slippers

Do I need a valid driver licence?

To drive a snowmobile or participate our car drift on ice program you need to be over 18 years old with a valid driver license to drive a car or motorcycle. NOTE: Please always have your license with you, the police may check the validity of the license.

Can I ride my own snowmobile?

Yes, our snowmobiles are all one seated. If you want to follow a tour as a passenger please kindly inform our team.

What if I get cold?

The winter in Swedish Lapland can be around -20 or below. Please make sure you are wearing our equipment at any time when you are outside. Different layers of clothing will keep you warm. We do not cancel our tours due to the coldness.

How much daylight do we have?

Check the different daylight hours in Arvidsjaur, Sweden
Mid. -December | 10:48 – 14:23 (3hrs 35 mins)
Mid.- January | 10:47 – 14:55 (4hrs 8 mins)
Mid.- February | 09:10 – 16:47 (7hrs 37 mins)
Mid.- March | 07:23 – 18:26 (11hrs 3 mins)
Mid.- April | 05:26 – 20:06 (14hrs 40 mins)

Can I book "just" a snowmobile tour?

Yes, you can book every activity individual. TXA is specialized and focused on premium package traveling, but we are happy to check our schedules and make you an offer for single activities.

Travel information

The possibilities to travel far north are very limited. Therefore please always plan enough time (at least 1 h 30 min before departure) remember to bring your valid identity card or passport and your driving license. Luggage with 20kg and 1 hand luggage is included in your ticket. In Arvidsjaur at the airport you will meet our team at the Triple X counter in the arrival hall. The flights are operated by and the charter companies FlyCar, Polar Flights and Prosky.


A waiver will be issued on site. The following deductibles apply: 2.200,00 EUR snowmobile | 500,00 EUR ice-karts | 2.200,00 EUR side-by-sides | 7.500,00 EUR AUDI RS3


Travelling to a foreign country can involve different risks. No matter how careful you are. Since the launch of Triple X in 2017, we have not had any serious injuries, but we would like to point out that there are additional insurances that can be booked online. Travel cancellation insurance as well as liability insurance, which can reduce the deductible in case of an accident.
The driver of our vehicles is held liable for damages caused to the vehicle. The maximum personal liability you can find in our waiver.

What is included in the premium packages?

Our premium packages includes everything, from the first offer to the follow up of the events. Basically, just the alcohol on site has to be paid extra 😊. Check out our premium packages examples!

When is the best time to see the Aurora Borealis?

The mystical Northern Lights are a natural spectacle and can therefore not be guaranteed. If the conditions are good (October – March, no clouds, high KP forecast) we hope to be able to watch this phenomenon with you.

What is the best season to travel?

We have our winter season from December – April