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Triple X is based at the very heart of Swedish Lapland. Why? Because we firmly believe that our customers should be able to sense that we live and breathe our events. Once there, you will soon share our passion for the region – whether the diverse nature, mystic Northern Lights, or the hospitality of the people and their culture. This allows us to offer you one thing in particular: authentic experiences, which we specifically create for you with local partners. This is exactly what makes our service so unique: with us, you are more than a guest – you are a little part of our home in Arvidsjaur. We attach great importance to ensuring that group sizes, whether private or corporate, are manageable, in order to be able to meet all your requests. It goes without saying that we take care of flights, shuttle service, catering, appropriate clothing, and that we accompany you on all the activities. At Triple X Adventures, you can depend on our reliability and experience. Our previous customers – including from the sport, finance, telecommunication and entertainment/experience sectors – have all come to value this.

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Hejdå Tyskland, Hej Sverige! When Janina is passionate about something, there is no holding her back. The event expert fell so in love with Lapland that she moved here a while ago. Is there any better argument for discovering this corner of the world?



He drives snow mobiles standing on his head, goes fishing with his feet and drives dogsleds backwards. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but local boy Roberth is the ultimate professional in all disciplines. Whatever questions you may have about Sweden, Roberth has the answer.


The whole team

Of course, nothing works without the entire Triple X team. Many helping hands, which are all passionate and have grown together to a whole Triple X family.

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Ella, the alaskan Malamute and Mia, the siberian Husky

Always one dog's nose ahead, of course, our two dogs Mia and Ella cannot be missed!




Norrbotten County, province of Lapland
Climate -40°C to 30 °C
Population 6442
Area 4.67 km²

65°35′25″ N
19°10′00″ E