Projekt Green

Project Green - Triple X

“Besides planning, organising and hosting premium adventure Trips to Swedish Lapland.

We are aware of our responsibility towards the nature.

It is important to us to handle resources with care and to plan for sustainability in the future.

We have replaced plastic cutlery and plates with wooden items. The coffee cups are organic paper cups, and we have asked our supplier of “give-aways” not to wrap them in plastic foil.  For further appreciation and respect, we want to create a climate-friendly balance by planning a tree for every guest which books an adventure trip with us!” – said Janina

Our mission is to create a perfect balance between humans and nature. Hence, it is very important for us that for every step we take backward, we take two forwards.

We are always searching for better, newer, and more environmentally friendly ways to conduct our activities. Therefore, we as the first company in Swedish Lapland have ordered a fleet of e-snowmobiles. As soon as the supplier Taiga Motors from Canada can deliver, our new fleet will join us in Swedish Lapland (due to Corona a spanner has been thrown in the works, so it seems like we will get to welcome first one unit for the winter 2021 and not the whole fleet as we had hoped for.)

On a bigger scale, we are building a concept where we want to create a Triple X nature reserve where you can partner up with us as a tree Godfather.