Action in Swedish Lapland

8 action-packed activities in Swedish Lapland


1) Into the wild. Explore the untouched wilderness from your own snowmobile. After a flight, there is nothing quite like the fresh air in your face, the beautiful scenery unfolding before you all the while you can feel the speed in your body.

2) Have a well-deserved and relaxed experience in an outdoor Arctic SPA, watching the stars (and hopefully the Northern Lights) from an outdoor jacuzzi with a beverage of your choice in hand.   

3) Howl with the wolves. To go for a Husky Safari is probably one of the most romantic activities you can do in Swedish Lapland. Enjoy the excitement from the huskies and vastness of Swedish Lapland while comfortable seated and tucked in on a sledge.

4) Car drift on ice, a unique challenge which should be on every excitement seekers’ bucket list. With various challenges you improve your skills day by day as you admire the beautiful landscape through your side window.

5) Ever run a go-kart on ice before? No? Well then, ready… GO! Make sure to challenge your friends in a popular Ice-Kart Race before you go. You won’t regret it.  

6) If your everyday life includes any elements of stress – this is the activity for you. Relax while ice-fishing and inhale the unique tranquillity of the Arctic nature. Pigeon clay shooting is the perfect combination with ice-fishing if you want to ensure the activity remains action filled.

7) Side-by-side- drifting. Because clearly boredom is your biggest enemy and always wanted to be a rally driver. With the Side-by-side buggy, the right instructions and ice tracks you will learn the art of drifting in no time at all. 


8) Reindeer Adventure. Reindeer, moose, snow, rabbits, rare birds.. There are all kinds of animals in the arctic world of Swedish Lapland. Visit a 100 year old Sami village with to learn the history about Samis and enjoy traditional Sami dishes, pet and feed the reindeers. 


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